A next generation utility, transforming lives and unlocking potential


Why we exist

We started Bboxx to tackle a major global problem: energy poverty. Currently, 840 million people live without access to energy, of which 650 million are in Africa. An additional billion people are connected to an unreliable grid.

Over a decade ago, our three co-founders began exploring energy solutions that would provide electricity and other utilities to the millions without them.

They saw that access to reliable electricity is what the world needs to end poverty as a whole.

So together, they developed a clean, affordable and reliable solution which truly unlocks potential and transforms lives.

Bboxx is the result.

How do we solve it

We design, manufacture, distribute and finance decentralised energy solutions.

We are a vertically integrated business and our business model is based: our physical (distribution network) and digital (Bboxx Pulse) highways, our bold technology (hardware and software), and our partnerships.

Our Bboxx Pulse® platform enables next generation utility businesses to scale and reach their customers that are dispersed across remote locations.

We are expanding and scaling by forging strategic partnerships with governments and world-class corporates.

Bboxx Pulse® delivers energy access in a scalable and distributed model to individuals, businesses and communities.

Our core

We are ambitious

We are trusted

We are open

Where we are making an impact

Today, we operate in 11 African and Asian countries and have provided more than one million people with electricity and utilities worldwide.

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World-class international partners

Alongside governments, our trusted global partners and investors have joined us to advance our mission.

Awards and recognitions

We are honoured to be recognised for our work, from technological innovation to social impact.