Chandrima Dasgupta

Chandrima Dasgupta

Lead Software Developer
Chandrima Dasgupta

After working in software consultancy for 3 years, I joined Bboxx as a developer in early 2018. I was inspired from the very moment Ime and team explained me about Bboxx products and the impact it has on people’s lives. I felt it myself when I visited Kigali last year and it keeps me going.

My first project was asset tracking. I was very proud of my work, but it has never seen the light of the day. Well, I still think the map functionality was Uber-cool only if it had real users using them now. Those were fun times.

I eventually moved to lead the amazing Pulse team; we have a perfect mix of skills to keep the ball rolling. It was a learning journey for me as a first-time lead and we worked on innovations like PWA (progressive web app) and new processes for automated testing. Not everything was perfect, we learned as a team the dos & don’ts, a few times “the hard way”. However, in Bboxx it has always been about collaborative working and it has helped me enormously in my journey so far.

We have a great year ahead and we are looking to deliver a range of new features for Bboxx Pulse. I am really looking forward to building a robust front-end architecture to deliver the rich and intuitive UX from our design team without impacting the performance in low bandwidth areas.

Personally, I am keen in building a client which will be OS/device agnostic and will enable our end users to choose the device and experience they want when accessing Bboxx Pulse and bandwidth being one less thing to worry about for them.

Way to go Bboxx, we will keep the lights on for many years to come.

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