Hamish Chilton

Hamish Chilton

Product Design Engineer, London, United Kingdom
Hamish Chilton

I had a skype interview with Ali Al-Hakim from my dining room table in South Africa in April 2018. Three months later I had gone from designing dog toys in Cape Town to join the team of electronics engineers, software developers, and data scientists at Bboxx in London. It was overwhelming at first, but now I have grown more comfortable not understanding what people are talking about half the time. I take heart by what my high school science teacher once told me regarding chemistry “you don’t need to understand how a leopard works – but you need to know it by its spots”. So I have grown more confident designing product casings for Hyenas, Lions, Tigers, Hornets, and Koalas. These are names the hardware team dream up for the electronics components we develop at Bboxx. Sounds like a zoo right?!

On arrival, I immediately got knee-deep into the bPower300 project which the team was in the thick of developing under pressure and at lightning speed. It was a great opportunity for me to get stuck in and I learned a lot in a very short time.

Since then we have come a long way in how we approach product development at Bboxx. I’m proud to be part of the development team that is bringing the bPower20 to market. Its an exceptional product and I know it is going to have a significantly positive impact on the business. I am looking forward to seeing the next product innovation that Bboxx has up its sleeve!

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