Bboxx Tomorrow’s Rural Home

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Created by Bboxx and local select partners, the Tomorrow’s Rural Home is Bboxx’s vision of a rural home in 2025

Bboxx Tomorrow’s Rural Home

In November 2018, Bboxx unveiled its vision of a typical 2020s rural home called Bboxx Tomorrow’s Rural Home in Rwanda. Created by Bboxx and local select partners, the home is Bboxx’s vision of a rural home in 2025. Tomorrow’s Rural Home captures the aspiration of a rural family who wants affordable utilities to improve their quality of life. Hyper-locally sourced building materials are combined with Bboxx products and services and those of innovation partners to offer the on-grid experience in an off-grid location and empower families towards a healthier, wealthier, and more connected future.

“The Home reflects our strategy to broaden from being a provider of solar home systems to a multi-utility company, transforming the lives of underserved households in the developing world.” – Mansoor Hamayun, CEO and Co-founder of Bboxx

The house has a modular design to allow for expansion. A V-shaped roof captures all rainwater for storage whilst large windows high up the walls let in the maximum amount of light. Material selection is important, transporting heavy materials is a large cost component, therefore, hyper-local materials have been chosen, over 90% of the materials used in the project are from within 10 Km from the site and all are #madeinrwanda. The walls are constructed from the earth on-site using a rammed earth technique that Is durable and has very good thermal properties, whilst the ceiling is made from bamboo found within walking distances. 75% of Rwandans live on dirt floors which are harmful to health. The house has healthy floors made from laterite, sand, and linseed varnish, reducing the risk of parasitic infections by 78%.

Other social impacts of Bboxx Tomorrow’s Rural Home includes:

1. 49% reduction in childhood incidents due to affordable healthy floors
2. 300% increase in farmer yield due to a solar-powered irrigation system in the house, improving farmer incomes by 10 times
3. 90% reduction in indoor pollution due to Bboxx Cook, a clean cooking solution
4. 92% user connectivity with the world through affordable internet service in the house
5. All services PAYG (pay as you go) enabled, enabling customers to make digital payments through mobile money