Supply Chain Team

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Dispersed markets and globally distributed products demands a strong supply chain function.

Supply Chain Team

Dispersed markets and globally distributed products demand a strong supply chain function for any business like Bboxx. At Bboxx, our supply chain team is run by a group of dedicated individuals with a shared ambition of making sure our products flow smoothly from the production line to all our global markets and the customers.

The team is split into three different divisions: Supply chain operations, sourcing, and quality. The supply chain operations operate from the African continent whereas the sourcing and quality functions are based in China.

With its name comes the responsibility. The supply chain operation plays an essential role in making sure that our products are properly distributed to our local distribution centers. In other words, the team is responsible for managing all the actions once the products reach the markets. This also means supervising the repair and distribution center for swift operations. They receive the stock requests from the shop managers through Bboxx Pulse and assign target production orders to the team in China. From a repair center’s perspective, supply chain operation also assign targets for repair technicians based on their backlogs, manage the Integrated Repair Tool (IRT), manage the spare parts using stock ordering, component level repairs on PCBs and stock predicting tools, recovering dead batteries as well as managing the recycling and disposals.

“Managing mass production requires meticulousness in every aspect. This includes deposit/balance payment applications, production status tracking, quality control schedule arrangements, manufacturing orders generating, and more. The past 4.5 years have been a blast. Working with the Supply Chain team at Bboxx is a real pleasure. Together, we will transform lives and unlock potential.”
(Rachel Chan. Purchase Specialist)

Over 6000 miles apart, the quality team in China ensures that each product and appliance pass a quality control check before entering a customer’s house to provide electricity. Along with the product’s quality, the team also looks after production quality control, factory quality audits, handle customer complaints and provide any essential technical support to our Devices team based in London and repair technicians throughout the African continent.

Even before the production starts and the products are shipped across different markets, there comes the role of our sourcing team. Our sourcing champions are not only responsible for managing suppliers and negotiating prices, but also ensuring strong coordination between the R&D and suppliers to make sure all purchasing actions run smoothly. The team also conducts regular meetings with project team members and discussing project progress with suppliers along with tracking foreign currencies and raw material costs.

Our supply chain team members are our superheroes.